Willow & Puddifoot

Willow & Puddifoot are based in Oxford and they’re all about growing people and organisations. The Managing Director came to us at the very start of her plans for this new business and we hit it off straight away.

We created a relatively simple logo (when do we do anything that’s over complicated!) and utilised the ampersand to bring this out as a device as part of the overall identity. In addition to the full-length logo we also designed a shortened version where it’s just the W&P within a circle, which works brilliantly as their social media icon and as an alternative to the longer, landscape logo.

We went for vibrant purple and pink colourways and incorporated some strong imagery that helps to communicate the key message of Willow & Puddifoot – it’s all about growing people and organisations.

In addition to the branding we’re designed a stationery suite of items, a brochure promoting the full range of development programmes available plus we designed and built the website.

Willow & Puddifoot is a lovely company, doing some really good work within organisations – not only helping the business to improve their results but also to help their people to thrive. And we all need a little help to maximise our potential and find a sense of wellbeing at work right?


“As I was setting up a brand new business for the first time, I really appreciated the experience, professionalism and broad range of skills Wetdog Creative brought to the project. They helped me with everything to do with my branding, printing and website. To start with, Caroline sought to understand my business vision and that was reflected that in the design options they provided. They offered a number of alternatives for the branding design - all of which looked great. Once I had chosen my preferred design, they provided me with everything I needed to build the brand including image files, a brochure and a website. As well as providing graphics and copy they also liaised with the printer to make sure everything I had printed was top notch (and as environmentally friendly as possible). I'm proud of the website they’ve built and feel confident that it conveys the right impression of Willow & Puddifoot. Caroline also took the time to visit me and train me in how to update the website on-going. All-in-all Wetdog Creative offer professional advice, great customer service, proactive ideas and a fresh style. I am really pleased with the final result.”

Managing Director of Willow & Puddifoot - www.willowandpuddifoot.com

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