Alice’s Bear Shop

Alice’s Bear Shop existed as a brand over 20 years ago when illustrator, bear artist and author, Rikey Austin created the stories for her children to enjoy. In 2018 and now working in partnership with Charlie Bears, Rikey was able to bring these much-loved collectable bears back to life with a complete re-brand of the Alice’s Bear Shop logo and identity and the collectable bears even got to have a bit of a make-over too.

For the new Alice’s Bear Shop logo, we were inspired by one of the teddy bears from the original storybooks called Cobby and so our bear icon that sits atop the ‘shop sign’ style logo is based on him. Once the branding was agreed, we got to work on all the print materials needed for the re-launch, which included point of sales items, price tags (or lost bear identification tags as we decided to call them!), brochures, pin badges, product packaging and the new website.

We also designed the new look Alice’s Bear Shop storybooks, which incorporate Rikey’s original stories from the first print run of books together with the new illustrations she created for the new books we were working on. We specified lovely hard back covers on uncoated stocks with a matt-lam finish to protect the books from sticky paws (little human paws and bear paws!) and the text pages were also uncoated too.

The new Alice’s Bear Shop brand launched into retailers in late 2018 and was really well-received by collectors old and new. Plans are already well underway for a second series of pin badges and new storybooks and of course more Alice’s Bear Shop collectable bears and characters.

Will you open the door to an Alice’s Bear Shop soon?

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“In 2018 we were given the opportunity of bringing back a hugely successful brand called Alice’s Bear Shop. It is quite daunting task to re-brand something so familiar to many people and to maintain the honesty and character that comes with it. Caroline and Jan guided us through the re-branding process by listening to what we wanted to convey and producing a fresh and up-to-date look for the re-launch of Alice’s Bear Shop. They continue to support us in the presentation of Alice’s Bear Shop with fresh, new ideas and to make sure we stay “on brand”. We are very lucky to have a team such as Wetdog Creative working with us.”

Global Sales Director of Alice's Bear Shop -

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