Oxford REAL Eggs

This was a wonderful brand identity project for us – such lovely people doing really amazing work in their local community. Oxford REAL Eggs is a social enterprise run by Farm Ability by the Food Animal Initiative on the Oxford University Farm. They produce and sell organic, free-range eggs laid by their organic hens that roam freely on the farm’s woodlands. We can confirm their eggs are possibly the tastiest eggs we’ve ever eaten – it’s true – eggs ain’t just eggs!

The bold egg shape logo, purples and pinks used make the brand stand out from the competition and our cute illustrative hens and woodlands add to the overall appeal. The egg box label was particularly fun to design and it’s great to see our branded eggs being sold throughout Oxfordshire at local farmers markets and to local businesses.

REAL standards for Rural Enterprises for Adult Learning and the project provides training and work experience for people with autism and learning disabilities. Whilst the people they help is a key message, it was really important to communicate the quality of the eggs first and foremost as this should be the primary reason a customer wants to buy Oxford REAL Eggs.

So that’s what we’ve done and of course we’ve given it a quirky twist.


Oxford Real Eggs Logo Design by Wetdog CreativeTwo colour stationery designEgg box packaging design

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